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Dimension: 2.10m x 2m x 2m
Cooling capacity: 1,890kg/day
Generation Unit: 2,500 W
Temperature range: 2ºC to 20°C

20 ft MINI

Dimension: 6m x 2.1m x 2m
Cooling capacity: 3,780kg/day
Generation Unit: 4,700 W
Temperature range: 2ºC to 20°C

40 ft MEGA

Dimension: 12.19m x 3m x 3m
Cooling capacity: 7,560kg/day
Generation Unit: 8,400 W
Temperature range: 2ºC to 20ºC

What you Gain!

  • Compliance on Food Safety & Quality
  • Reduce Electricity Costs Immensely ‘idle’ energy can be linked to your processing plant
  • Increase Production Capacity

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